Living in Malta: Our Neighbourhood

Living in Malta: Our Neighbourhood

When we first moved to Malta, we didn’t even know what city we’d live in. Ok, its actually far less dramatic than it sounds, since many of the cities are so close together, you’d be better off thinking of them as neighbourhoods. Which is exactly what we did, and all of a sudden Malta (as a city) does’t feel so small!

The first night we arrived, we took a long walk along the waterfront as far as we could go. When we turned one corner, we were all suddenly greeted by the most stunning little bay, and instantly fell in love. The alcove turned out to be Balluta Bay, and now we live here!

Here’s a glimpse into the neighbourhood we live in, and love.

Celebrating our first night in our new home with the best pina coladas in town, overlooking Balluta BayPinas |
This regal neogothic Carmelite Parish Church completely makes the skyline, in my opinion.Balluta Bay  |

Balluta Bay |

Its’s a windy rough waters kind of day.Balluta Bay |

Balluta Bay | cassiedrake.comLe Meridien  |

We love swimming in the little beach on calmer days, which it usually is.Cassie DrakeBalluta Steps |