Meet Cass

Cassie Drake
Hello, I’m Cassie Drake.
But you can call me Cass.

I solve clients’ problems through visually stimulating, pragmatic, yet innovative design.

My professional background and training is in Architecture. However, I love all things design, and have found other expressive and satisfying ways of  injecting my creativity into visual and physical realisations.

Specifically, I have identified the following creative streams of which I offer products and/or services:

  • Graphic Design.      {From making your Presentations visually stimulating to creating your  signature logo, I offer unique and innovative graphics of all virtual and printed kinds.}
  • Branding.      {Creating custom branding identities is my strong point. Let me take your brand to the next level. }
  • Marketing{I believe that marketing goes hand-in-hand with design and the two cannot be successful without the other. }
  • Blogging.      {I would love to collaborate with you on a post, whether its trying out a new recipe, or incorporating a stunning piece into an outfit.}

Want to know more?

I’m an obsessive Pinterest Pinner, a lover of travel, a fitness freak, am constantly baking, and always redecorating. You can find me in my happy place from sketching to snowboarding, DIYing or deadlifting. Always on the lookout for the prettiest things!

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