NYC Part III: Lessons Learnt

NYC Part III: Lessons Learnt

While in NYC (for the first time, which I recapped here and here), I of course had to do a little shopping. I ended up only being able to squeeze a tiny amount in,  while passing through Soho one morning on our way to breakfast. I stopped in a little boutique, and ended up purchasing a fabulous pair of navy trousers with fuchsia pink leather trim. I loved them. We then proceeded to grab our bagel with lox at what had to be the MOST popular spot in NYC that Sunday morning. We had to take a number and proceeded to wait over an hour before it was called. After we finally got our bagel, we ate it outside on a bench, and then carried on in search of more food to calm our (read: my) rumbling tummies. After walking a block I froze. I had forgotten my new purchases (along with my most favourite black fur scarf) under the bench we were eating on! We scrambled back, but it was gone.

The infamous bagel I could blame.

At first I was absolutely crushed. I had splurged on the pants, since I figured why not while in NYC. And my favourite fur scarf! Tears were shed. Then my emotions shifted. I became angry,

“Why would someone do this to me?”

“This would never happen in my city!”

“I hate New York!”

“I am never coming back.”

Yes, I actually said all of those things. Bless my boyfriend for putting up with me in these situations. Then J said something to me that completely shifted my perspective.

“Whomever took your things obviously needed it more than you did”. And he was so right.

Perhaps it was a mother, looking for an early Christmas gift to her daughter that she could not afford. Perhaps someone was cold, and needed to warm up with a scarf. Even less romantic, maybe someone saw the shopping bags, and was looking for re-sale value. Fine. Whatever the reason may be, they were in need of it more than I.

And so, to the lucky recipient(s), I hope the pants fit well. Or, I hope you can sell the items for the price tag that is still on everything. Lastly, I sincerely hope that my most prized accessory, my fur scarf, sits as softly against your neck, adds as much of an instant chic factor, and keeps you as warm as it did for me. Actually, as much as it does for me, since the day I returned, I re-bought it.

TOTRIn happier times with my fur scarf. Still happy.